2b or not 2b collective.

finally did an online figure drawing class! downloaded rather than live, due to scheduling constraints, but the general vibe was pretty good (i still miss in-person, but, the world). i’d been eyeballing this group for awhile, so nice to finally participate, even if i was rusty as all hell.

2b or not 2b collective
model: ezra ruli


anna & elsa.

playing around with polymer clay and the kid. you’ll never guess who she wanted me to build.


studio mess.

feels good to get sloppy with no direction or purpose, though i’ve noticed that a lot of orange* has slipped into 2021 doodling so far.

*don’t read too much into that, just refound, and enjoying, some vermilion sumi ink.



lime and rubber trees from the studio, while waiting for projects to start.


doom doodling.

just trying to distract myself with some doodling while democracy teeters.