(it’s a sketchbook)



another little sketchbook, in the books. 


macedonia brook state park.

you can’t tell it from this crap drawing, but the land of steady habits (connecticut) isn’t all highways, metronorth stops, and clam pies. macedonia brook state park is a lovely spot to go camping.



leonard & devoe.

continuation from car repair day, the leonard library has some lovely outdoor tables for drawing (while waiting for your car).



salerno service station.

took the car in for an inspection, left with new brakes. 😐🤷 

on a positive note, salerno’s is the living embodiment of dominic toretto owing an auto body shop in brooklyn. sal doesn’t have friends, he has family...and my car has nos.

ride or die. 


jacob riis.

beach day!
sun, sand, and parking lot adventures. we found the car...after a while...it is quite a large parking lot.
(print available)